Houston’s Top 5 Maritime Attorneys

No. 1: Kurt Brynilde Arnold’s biography

As a fearless litigator, I have successfully obtained judgments and settlements worth billions of dollars for my clients. At Arnold & Itkin, we are dedicated to fighting for you and achieving your goals.

Area of Practice:

In the center of Houston, Texas, meet your legal guardian—a champion of justice, a guardian of your rights, and a personal injury ally. I’m here to help you successfully navigate the legal system by transforming obstacles into victories. Together, let’s work for fair recompense and a more promising future.

Not #2: Norstrud, Stacey T.

Area of Practice:

While navigating the legal waters, focus on energy excellence, oil and gas brilliance, and maritime mastery. I’m here to make sure your legal journey in the vast ocean of potential is smooth sailing, with a special emphasis on the laws that drive industries. Let’s get underway and succeed!


23 years of expertise in this area.

No. 3: Timothy W. Strickland,

Area of Practice:

Unveiling the Oil and Gas Regulations, Energy Dynamics, and Maritime Law Legal Canvas. I’m here to help you understand the complex rules that drive business, so your legal journey is successful and clear. Come with me on an adventure where the law’s currents carry us to victory! ♥♖️


kicking off three decades of legal knowledge—32 years of negotiating the complex legal waters. An experienced navigator through the difficulties, prepared to use expertise as a compass to lead your ship to success. Together, let’s navigate a path to legal victory! ❂️🌟

No. 4: Paul-Michael Dusek

Area of Practice:

launching a legal journey that traverses the enormous territories of oil and gas law, the turbulent waterways of energy law, and the complicated waters of maritime law. My role as your legal guide is to help you navigate the complexity of these important areas with ease. Together, let’s navigate a successful path in legal waters! ♥♖️


What is a maritime attorney in Houston?

When navigating personal injury waters, wounded dock workers and seamen may get help from Houston Maritime Attorneys. Their goal is to obtain the funds required for the recovery of victims of offshore accidents, including those that occur on ports, rivers, seas, and docks. These legal professionals make sure that those who suffer severe injuries get the support they need to cover their long-term medical expenses and start the recovery process.

Which lawyer has the highest ranking?

The Attorney General, as the President of the United States’ primary legal counselor, is the highest-ranking lawyer in the legal system. This legal guru provides advice on all legal issues and has a permanent position in the United States Cabinet.

A maritime lawyer: what is it?

A marine lawyer who specializes in injuries and accidents that occur during both enjoyable boat excursions and important maritime activities is like the super hero of the seas. When things go rough, these legal professionals are the ones to call, whether it’s for serious business ventures or recreational pastimes. When the waves start to break, you’ll know they’ve got you covered.

What does an offshore accident attorney do?

Consider an offshore accident lawyer to be the advocate for victims of offshore injuries. They respond to incidents on oil rigs or in the ocean like personal injury superheroes. These advocates for justice are experts in holding corporations responsible and ensuring that victims get the appropriate recompense. When things get rough and you need someone to stand up for your rights, you contact them.

Who makes decisions on maritime law?

The International Maritime Organization, or IMO, as it is known, is managed under maritime law.

LLM marine law: what is it?

Explore the field of LLM Maritime Law, where one must manage the legal tides. It is sometimes referred to as admiralty law and serves as the code of conduct for all maritime activities. There is a worldwide rulebook for maritime activities in international seas in addition to the regulations that apply to maritime operations within national boundaries. The LLM in Maritime Law is your ticket to grasping and navigating this particular legal environment.

Is Canada’s maritime law in effect?

Indeed, Canada is delving deeply into marine law rather than just dipping its toes in it. Canada has adopted an expanded concept of admiralty law that goes beyond the conventional rules, creating a stir in the legal community. This goes beyond the “wet” issues of maritime accidents, salvage, and mariners. It’s a broad embrace that covers torts, contracts, and everything that comes under the purview of the law. As a result, maritime law has a significant impact on Canada.

In the UK, where can one study maritime law?

Are you prepared to set out on a career in UK maritime law? Set sail with organizations like

Southampton University
College of Strathclyde
Swansea London University, University City
Plymouth University
Queen Mary University of Newcastle London University
Dundee University
Bristol University
Glasgow University
These colleges provide specialist programs that explore the nuances of maritime law, providing you with a thorough and distinct grasp of this particular area of the law. It’s time for you to go off on your legal journey!

In the United States, how does one become a marine lawyer?

Here is your personalized road map for setting out on the journey to become a marine lawyer in the United States:
Scholarly Journey: Start your quest toward a bachelor’s degree, ideally in law (LLB) or a similar subject.
The Odyssey of Law School: Make it through law school and graduate with a Juris Doctor (JD). This serves as a kind of legal treasure map.

Determine Your Path: During law school, concentrate on marine law studies and internships. This is where your marine compass has to be adjusted.

Bar Test Quest: Pass the state bar test in which you want to practice law. It’s the ritual for your legal initiation.
Put the sails in motion. Acquire expertise in marine law companies or related legal fields that are seaworthy. Now is your chance to raise the sails.

Think about specialization: Look into opportunities to become an expert in maritime law by taking more classes or earning certifications. It’s similar to putting on more sails for a more comfortable sail.

Network on the Legal Seas: To broaden your nautical horizons, connect with maritime law experts, attend conferences, and join relevant groups.
There you have it, my friend! Your unique road map to becoming an American marine attorney.

Is the UK’s common law against maritime law?

The United Kingdom’s maritime law, which is similar to a seafaring handbook, addresses ship and cargo disputes. Conversely, common law functions as a general framework that applies to both land and sea. As a result, common law is the authority on all legal issues, whereas marine law deals with sea-related subjects. They function as two distinct manuals covering separate facets of the UK legal system.

Which four principles support maritime law?

In the face of collective losses, shared sacrifice means one for all, one for one.
Liability Limits: A safety net of money that protects shipowners and promotes maritime endeavors.
Sea Saviors Rewarded: Legal salutes and rewards are given for acts of marine bravery.
Handling Collisions: Handling the repercussions when two ships meet.
Do UK courts adhere to maritime law?

In the UK, specialized courts and divisions handle marine law cases. It’s similar to having a special team for marine issues, but if necessary, these cases might also end up in conventional courts. Thus, while not all courts have a marine law focus, some have been established expressly to handle matters pertaining to maritime law. Similar to how separate lanes are designated for various categories of lawful traffic in the UK!

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