Prince Wilburn Shares the Bio, Age, and Family Details of Future’s Son’s Legacy

Prince Wilburn, the Son of Future Bio, Age, Weight, Height, and Additional Information:

Salutations to all of you! Do you have any idea who Prince Wilburn is? He’s not just any kid, however; he’s the remarkable child of legendary rapper Future, the creative force behind hits like “Love Me” and “Life is Good.” But hold on, Prince is much more than simply a famous person’s kid. Let’s explore his domain and learn more about him.

Prince Wilburn:

On December 6, 2013, Prince Wilburn was born under the sign of Sagittarius. At nine years old, he is already establishing his reputation. He is a true American child, having been born in the United States.

Prince Wilburn’s age:

Prince Wilburn was born on December 6, 2013, making him nine years old.

Birthday of Prince Wilburn:

It is December 6, 2013, the birthday of Prince Wilburn.

Prince Wilburn’s brothers:

Six of Prince Wilburn’s brothers are:

Hendrix, Jay, Kash, Future Zahir, and Jakobi.

Prince Wilburn’s sisters:

Prince Wilburn’s only sister is Londyn.

Background on Prince Wilburn:

Prince Wilburn was born on December 5, 2012. His mother is Brittni Mealy, and he is the son of well-known rapper Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, also known as Future. Prince is a celebrity child in the US, having been born into the limelight. His seven siblings are Jakobi, Londyn, Future Zahir, Kash, Hendrix, and Jay.

Growing up in the middle of a well-known family, Prince Wilburn probably had a combination of exposure to the entertainment business, the dynamics of a big family, and the advantages and disadvantages that come with being a famous person’s kid. His travels and experiences will continue to mold his special path as he matures.

Meet Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, the father of Prince Wilburn:

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn is a well-known personality in the hip-hop and rap industries. He performs under the stage name Future. Future, a rapper, singer, and songwriter, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on November 20, 1983. Prominent for his unique approach and automatically adjusted vocals, he has penned many number-one singles, including “Mask Off,” “Turn On the Lights,” and “Where Ya At.”

Beyond his own discography, Future is a highly sought-after collaborator who has collaborated with a wide range of musicians in many genres. His poetic skill often explores themes of love, achievement, and the difficulties encountered in the pursuit of celebrity. Over the course of a more than ten-year career, Future has garnered praise and a devoted following while leaving an enduring impression on the music business. Beyond the rhythms and words, Future’s character embodies tenacity, drive, and a dedication to expanding the parameters of modern music.

Details about Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn’s children:

1. Prospects Zahir Wilburn was born on May 19, 2014, and is Future’s son with singer Ciara.

2. Londyn Wilburn, the daughter of Future and India J in 2009.

3. Jakobi Wilburn: Although not as much is known about his mother, Jakobi is another of Future’s sons.

4. Prince Wilburn: Born on December 6, 2013, Prince Wilburn is Future’s kid with Brittni Mealy.

5. Hendrix Wilburn: The model Joie Chavis’s son, Future, was born in 2018.

6. Kash Wilburn: Born in 2012, Kash is Future’s kid with Joie Chavis.

7. Jay Wilburn: Although not as much is known about his mother, Jay is another future son.

Meet Brittni Mealy, Prince Wilburn’s mother:

More than simply a name, Brittni Mealy is a well-known figure for her work as a model, businesswoman, and Prince Wilburn’s mother. Brittni, who was born on August 21, 1985, has experience in both the business and fashion sectors. Along the way, she must not only navigate the challenges of raising a famous child but also forge her own reputation in society.

Though she gained notoriety via her connection with Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, nicknamed Future, Brittni Mealy has followed her hobbies on her own. She could have dabbled in a variety of initiatives as an entrepreneur, demonstrating her adaptability outside of the context of celebrity ties.


First off, who is Prince Wilburn?

Prince Wilburn is the son of model and businesswoman Brittni Mealy and rapper Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, better known as Future. Born in the USA on December 6, 2013, he is a famous child.

2. What is Prince Wilburn’s age?

Prince Wilburn was born on December 6, 2013, making him 9 years old as of right now.

3. Brittni Mealy: Who is she?

On August 21, 1985, Brittni Mealy, a model and businesswoman, was born. She is the mother of Prince Wilburn and has dabbled in independent business.

4. What are Brittni Mealy’s future plans?

Although specifics are unknown, model and businesswoman Brittni Mealy could be planning to take advantage of chances in the fashion sector and grow her commercial endeavors.

6. And what about the plans for the future?

Future, a popular rapper, may have plans for the future that include working with other artists, making and distributing music, and perhaps even looking into commercial endeavors outside of the music industry.

7. What future plans do we have for Prince Wilburn?

Prince Wilburn’s future is yet unknown, but as a young celebrity child, his path may include growing up in the spotlight, going to school, working on his personal growth, and even pursuing interests in the entertainment business.

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